Continuing Education Opportunities at the 2018 Convention

As usual with our National Convention, this year we are pleased to offer our members 4 Continuing Education Sessions, of 4 hours each, for a total of 16 Continuing Education Credit Hours. (For Candidate Members, these hours will be credited to Elective Course hours)

On Tuesday, May 29th @ 8:00 AM we are having a workshop on Condominium Appraisals, where we will work through some case studies, and open discussion about different Strata/Condo property types, and appraisal methods. Attendees for this session will earn 4 hours CE.

Wednesday, May 30th, @ 9:30 AM, we are honoured to be hosting Mr. David Bunton, President of The Appraisal Foundation who will be speaking to us about the appraisal business, coming trends, changes to the appraisal industry. Mr. Bunton will also be available for a Q & A session at the end of his talk. Attendees will receive 4 CE hours credit.

Wednesday afternoon beginning at 1:30 we are having a Cyber Security Panel Discussion with Cyber industry leaders Michael Loeters (PROLINK), Gerry Gill (Dolden Wallace LLP), Claudiu Popa (Knowledge Flow). Workshop attendees with receive 4 CE hours credit.

Finally, on Friday, June 01, beginning at 8:00 AM, will be another workshop, this time on the Abstraction process, with each attendee receiving 4 hours of CE credit.

There is still time to register for these courses, and the convention, use the link below to complete the registration form and send it in!
Convention Registration Form

Marijuana plants at a subject property

Marijuana Plants at a subject property:

With the upcoming legalization of growing Cannabis in homes, it is expected to see an increase in the number of properties appraisers will encounter cannabis plants. One major concern of the Association is the safety of our members, and all are cautioned to be prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of yourselves, and any employees or sub-contractors. It is recommended as before, that you carry proper PPE, and ensure that you are not exposed to hazardous materials or situations.

We do not feel that it is appropriate for our members to make determinations or declarations as to the legality of the plants, however it is appropriate and expected that members will indicate in their reports if there are Marijuana plants present. Photos should be included in your reports and be of a quality that the client may determine the number of plants present. It is also expected that the appraiser will make comments, and include appropriate photos as to the evidence of any structural modifications, damage caused by moisture, irrigation systems, ventilation etc.

Appraisers are reminded to refer to your clients’ Terms of Reference, particularly when dealing with the permission or the withholding of permission to take photos, etc. If an occupant withholds permission to take photos of the plants, or evidence of adverse influences, you must be aware of your responsibility to follow the TOR, and more importantly the USPAP requirements to gather appropriate information about the subject property to produce credible results.

Following discussions with some of the national lenders, AMC’s, other industry stakeholders, the Board of Directors has drafted an Extraordinary Assumption that may be used in your Appraisal Reports, where appropriate, when a subject property has Marijuana plants present. The statement is to be modified as needed to suit any specific situation, or property.

Extraordinary Assumption Example:
This appraisal and appraisal report are being completed under the Extraordinary Assumption that the existence of marijuana plants within the subject improvements is legal, and that all necessary measures have been taken to protect the health and safety of all occupants, as well as to protect the physical structure and integrity of the subject property improvements. Observations did not indicate any apparent issues relative to abnormal temperature variance, moisture or mold, however, those observations were based on a non-invasive viewing and the appraiser is not qualified to detect such issues or substances in any way through education or experience. The presence of such issues or substances could affect the value and/or marketability of the subject property. The client is urged to retain the services of an expert in these fields if such issues are of concern. The opinion of value reported herein is predicated on the property being free and clear of these issues and all other environmental contamination.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Rob MacDonald at 250-594-1853 or toll free 888-399-3366 Ext 2.

Convention Update

Convention Update

Preparations are moving along very quickly so with less than 30 days there will be a lot of information to pass along. The rooms that have been set aside for CNAREA Convention attendees have now been released and will be on a first come first serve basis. If you have not yet booked your room advise the reservation desk that you are attending the CNAREA Convention but make sure you do so ASAP.

With respect to the Scenic Caves Tour on Tuesday May 29th and the Wine and Cheese tour on Thursday May 31st we do require pre-registration so transportation can be arranged. If we do not get pre-registration, transportation will have to be arranged on an individual basis. Registration forms can be found where the conference registration forms are.

If you have any questions please contact Kevin Lonsdale at the CNAREA office.

Additional Activity Interest Form


2018 Annual Convention

The Annual Convention will be held at the Georgian Bay Resort in Collingwood, Ontario Monday May 28th to Friday June 1st 2018.


Updated 2018 Convention Schedule

Convention Registration Form 2018

Nomination Form

Proxy Form

David Bunton Bio – Keynote Speaker

Georgian Bay Hotel Hotel Rates

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Convention Additional Activity Information 

Resort Activities

Tuesday Scenic Caves Tour

Thursday Wine & Cheese Tour

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Annual General Meeting

Election of Board of Directors May 29, 2018

All positions on the board, including the President, are open for nomination.  The election will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday May 29, 2018.

To nominate someone for any of the positions you must:

  1. Be a Designated member
  2. Confirm that the member you are nominating is willing to run for office
  3. Ensure the member you are nominating is a Designated member
  4. The position of President can only be filled by a current board member
  5. Please send one form for the President nomination and one form for a board member nomination

Please complete the nomination form and email it to by April 30, 2018.

Nomination Form

Proposed Bylaw Change

Proposed By-Law Amendment:

Our current structure of the Board of Directors has the President as serving a 2-year term, and all other elected Members on 1-year terms. This presents two issues that could pose some problems. It can be somewhat difficult for a new member of the Board to be effective in their first year, and secondly depending on the year, there may be wholesale changes to the composition of the Board. Obviously, this would make it difficult to have a smooth transition to a new Board. To help solve this issue, and provide for continued smooth transitions in years ahead, we are proposing a change to the term of office for Directors to be 2-year terms, with 3 of the Directors’ terms ending in any single year. This year (2018), all Directors’ terms end, and we will be electing 6 Directors. The proposed By-Law change will allow for 3 Directors to be elected to 2-year terms, and 3 to 1-year terms. Then in 2019, the 3 positions having 1-year terms would be up for election again, and these 3 positions would then be 2-year terms as well. Therefore, every year we will have 3 Director positions up for election. This would enable a smoother transition for new Board members, and greater continuity from year to year. With this in mind, we are proposing a change to Section 3-3 of the By-Laws.
With respect to the election of a President, By-Law Section 3-5 remains unchanged.

New Logo

Special Announcement

CNAREA is pleased to announce the launch of our new logo. Over the past year we have had a lot of feedback as to what members would like to see changed and the direction they would like to see Association go. The first and most frequent comment was that we needed to update the website. With stage 1 of the website completed we continue to plan the next steps.
The next most frequent question or comment was; are we looking at changing the logo? As such we asked members for logo ideas and as a result we had over 80 suggestions. The top 10 submissions were presented to the Board of Directors and the entry from Peter Grouios was chosen. The website and new logo are part of a rebranding that a many of our members have been asking for. With the speed in which the Real Estate landscape in Canada is changing it is imperative that CNAREA be able to change with it. Our goal is to ensure that we can quickly adapt to ongoing changes and rebranding is part of that strategy.
Below is the official logo but you will see it in several forms depending on how it is being used. If you have any questions on using the logo please feel free to contact Rob MacDonald or Kevin Lonsdale.

Insurance Renewals

29 March 2018

Attention All Members

Professional Liability insurance for members must be renewed before May 31, 2018.  As you are aware insurance renewals are being processed directly through PROLINK this year.  Please read the following information, so you understand how to apply for your insurance.


New Digital Application to Renew Your Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions Insurance:

We relaunched the CNAREA website in 2017 to better serve our members, your prospective customers and our partners.  Now we are happy to announce that we are improving the renewal process for your E&O Liability insurance.  We have partnered with our E&O Liability insurance manager, PROLINK Insurance, to provide a fully digital renewal process for 2018.  No more printing applications, handwriting responses, scanning or faxing back application to CNAREA’s head office.  Best of all, in 90% of cases, your application will be approved immediately, you can pay online with your credit card and then receive the 2018 E&O Liability policy immediately.  We know that receiving your E&O Liability policy documents in a timely manner has always been a concern for many members.  The digital solution will make things easier and faster for you.


Premium Changes for the 2018-19 E&O Policy Term

Our primary goal when offering an E&O Liability program to our members is long-term stability and availability.  We know you cannot practice without E&O Liability insurance.  We never want to be in a situation where E&O insurance is not available to members or the annual pricing becomes completely unaffordable.  During our 2017 AGM, we outlined the performance of the CNAREA E&O Liability Insurance program.  We will be sharing the results of our E&O Liability member program again at the 2018 AGM in Collingwood, Ontario.  Those who attended the 2017 AGM will know that the claim costs incurred by the insurer for the program are high.  We have to increase the amount of premium collected in our pool in order to ensure that Sovereign General Insurance continues to offer E&O insurance to members into the future.  Rest assured that CNAREA and PROLINK work closely together to analyze the insurance marketplace to ensure that you are receiving the best possible value and coverage on the E&O Liability insurance offered through our program.


We completed an in-depth review of the insurance premiums for designate and candidate members.  Through this analysis we realized that long-term candidate members are assuming much lower E&O rates compared with designate members; however, the risk exposure for experienced candidate members is not significantly different from designate members.


When Can you Access the New Digital Application to Renew Your Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions Insurance?

PROLINK Insurance is completing the testing of the new online application.  The link to the online application will be emailed to you directly by PROLINK Insurance.  Please follow the link sent to you to access and complete the new application.


Please note the Insurance link will not be emailed to you until your membership fee has been paid and verified by CNAREA.


Questions on the 2018 E&O Rates:

Please contact the CNAREA office at 888-399-3366 if you have any questions related to the 2018 E&O rates.

New Partnership With HONDROS Education Group

CNAREA is thrilled to announce a new partnership with HONDROS Education Group, to provide CompuCram® to our Candidate Members, in preparation for the DAR Exam.

CompuCram® is an on-line, self-paced exam prep course that helps to prepare you for challenging the DAR Exam.  Simply use the CompuCram® link, to go to the Registration page for the National Appraisal Exam Prep, and purchase your access.  Hondros will do the rest.

This is an exciting opportunity for our members, and we are pleased to announce that we are the only appraisal association in Canada offering a licensing exam prep course.  Check out this short video from HONDROS Education Group to learn more about CompuCram®.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain the confidence you need to pass the DAR Exam the first time!

We no longer have exam days

We no longer have exam days.  Once you are approved to write an exam to obtain your Proffessional Designation you will require a Proctor.  Below is a list, please click on link below to see who qualifies as an acceptable proctor.

Acceptable Exam Proctors for Designation Exams