Annual General Meeting

Election of Board of Directors May 29, 2018

All positions on the board, including the President, are open for nomination.  The election will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday May 29, 2018.

To nominate someone for any of the positions you must:

  1. Be a Designated member
  2. Confirm that the member you are nominating is willing to run for office
  3. Ensure the member you are nominating is a Designated member
  4. The position of President can only be filled by a current board member
  5. Please send one form for the President nomination and one form for a board member nomination

Please complete the nomination form and email it to by April 30, 2018.

Nomination Form

Convention Announcement

13 March 2018

Convention Announcement

We are getting closer to the 2018 Annual Convention in beautiful Collingwood Ontario. Preparations are moving along very quickly and with this in mind we are excited to announce that our keynote speaker on Wednesday, May 30 will be Mr. David S. Bunton, President of the Appraisal Foundation. Please click on the link for Mr. Bunton’s bio.

As well as having Mr. Bunton address the convention we have a number of interesting appraisal related events planned including a panel discussion on cyber security. Derrick Leue of Prolink will be facilitating the discussion and there will a number of expert panelists that will enlighten us on how we can protect ourselves from cyber threats and the legal ramifications of breaches; we know you will find this session extremely informative.

We have received numerous suggestions about doing a course or session on appraising condominiums so we are opening the convention on Tuesday with a workshop entitled Appraising Condominium Units.

Of course no CNAREA event is complete without doing a session on Abstraction. Last year we received a lot of positive feedback from the Abstraction Workshop so it’s fair to say “back by popular demand is the Abstraction Workshop” which will be the final event on Friday morning.

The annual golf event will be held on Thursday May 31 at the beautiful Batteaux Creek Golf Club, there is a limit of 72 golfers, so register soon.

We will be arranging a couple of offsite activities including the Scenic Caves Tour on Tuesday and the Wine & Cheese Tour on Thursday; don’t forget to register separately for these events. The Collingwood area provides numerous activities so don’t forget to check out area websites for things to do.

Please check the schedule for the entire list of events and times, there is lots for everyone to enjoy.

We will continue to update the membership on the progress of convention arrangements as they happen.

2018 Annual Convention

The Annual Convention will be held at the Georgian Bay Resort in Collingwood, Ontario Monday May 28th to Friday June 1st 2018.

Registration closes April 20, 2018

Updated 2018 Convention Schedule

Convention Registration Form 2018

David Bunton Bio – Keynote Speaker

Georgian Bay Hotel Hotel Rates

Please email registration form to


Convention Additional Activity Information 

Resort Activities

Tuesday Scenic Caves Tour

Thursday Wine & Cheese Tour

Additional Activity Interest Form – Please email interest form to


New Partnership With HONDROS Education Group

CNAREA is thrilled to announce a new partnership with HONDROS Education Group, to provide CompuCram® to our Candidate Members, in preparation for the DAR Exam.

CompuCram® is an on-line, self-paced exam prep course that helps to prepare you for challenging the DAR Exam.  Simply use the CompuCram® link, to go to the Registration page for the National Appraisal Exam Prep, and purchase your access.  Hondros will do the rest.

This is an exciting opportunity for our members, and we are pleased to announce that we are the only appraisal association in Canada offering a licensing exam prep course.  Check out this short video from HONDROS Education Group to learn more about CompuCram®.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain the confidence you need to pass the DAR Exam the first time!

We no longer have exam days

We no longer have exam days.  Once you are approved to write an exam to obtain your Proffessional Designation you will require a Proctor.  Below is a list, please click on link below to see who qualifies as an acceptable proctor.

Acceptable Exam Proctors for Designation Exams

Conversations Recently With Various Industry Stakeholders

We have had several conversations recently with various industry stakeholders and we would like to encourage you to consider the following:

BLENDED SITE ADJUSTMENTS:  In recent conversations with the Bank of Montreal, BOM has stated that the blended adjustments for site value are no longer acceptable to them, and they are requesting that adjustments, and the comments associated with them address the specific components that contribute to the adjustment(s).

Please ensure that when completing appraisal assignments for this client, that the site adjustments and comments reflect their requirements.

TENANT OCCUPIED PROPERTIES: The question about the ownership rights being appraised, in tenant occupied properties, keeps coming up.  If a property is tenant occupied, then the owner has surrendered part of their ownership rights, (the right to occupy) and therefore no longer has the full bundle of rights (Fee Simple).  In such a case, the normal course of action is for the appraiser to consider the LEASED FEE interest of the property, and appraise it as such.  This would typically require the use of tenant occupied comparable sales for consideration, etc.  HOWEVER some clients (lenders such as BMO) require that the Fee Simple interest in a property be the basis of the appraisal assignment.  In such cases, the appraiser is still to indicate that the property is Tenant Occupied, however the ownership rights being appraised are FEE SIMPLE.  The appraiser simply needs to include a statement such as: “At the request of the client, the subject property is being valued considering the Fee Simple interest, and the Leased Fee interest in the property has not been addressed in this appraisal assignment.”    See USPAP FAQ #217

Find an Appraiser

FIND AN APPRAISER: Some lenders, and AMC’s are having difficulty finding appraisers in certain market segments, and searches on the website are not producing results reflective of the areas of service of our members.  Please log-in to your profile on the website, and update your coverage areas so that current and prospective clients are able to find you!

New Complimentary Appraiser Legal Advice Hotline

As part of our continuing evolution, CNAREA, in partnership with ProLink, Sovereign General Insurance, and Dolden Wallace Folick LLP are pleased to announce the creation of a new complimentary Appraiser Legal Advice Hotline.

New Complimentary Lawyer Hotline for Your Clients

In addition to the coverage provided in our members’ policy, ProLink is very pleased to announce the launch of a new complimentary risk-management service now available to you.

Effective immediately, you will have access to a toll free hotline that will put you in touch with a lawyer who has experience in professional liability for real estate appraisers generally, and specifically, in the defence of claims made against real estate appraisers.

This service is only available to those insured under this program.  You can access this hotline by calling 1-866-891-0366.

Legal Hotline Information

Now Offering Non-Fee Appraiser Residential and Commercial Designations

As part of our continuing evolution, we pleased to be able to offer Non-Fee Appraiser Residential and Commercial Designations (DAR and DAC).  Effective Immediately, active DAR or DAC Designated members who are pursuing opportunities as Non-Fee Appraisers will be able to do so.  Working through our insurance partners at PROLINK, we are able to provide full insurance coverage to our Non-Fee Appraiser members at a greatly reduced annual rate.

Please contact Karen Allen at for details, and insurance quotes.

New Fees Effective Immediately

In the past it has been the policy of CNAREA to have members write the DAR, DAC exams and rewrite exams or retake courses at no charge however we consistently have members registering for these and then not showing up at the scheduled time and place. This has led to the association having to incur additional unnecessary expenses. As such it was determined by the Board of Directors on June 2, 2017 to implement the following fees effective immediately:

DAR Exam $ 250 + taxes
DAC Exam $ 250 + taxes
Course & exam retakes – the regular cost of the course + taxes