6 July 2017

As part of our continuing evolution, CNAREA, in partnership with ProLink, Sovereign General Insurance, and Dolden Wallace Folick LLP are pleased to announce the creation of a new complimentary Appraiser Legal Advice Hotline.

New Complimentary Lawyer Hotline for Your Clients

In addition to the coverage provided in our members’ policy, ProLink is very pleased to announce the launch of a new complimentary risk-management service now available to you.

Effective immediately, you will have access to a toll free hotline that will put you in touch with a lawyer who has experience in professional liability for real estate appraisers generally, and specifically, in the defence of claims made against real estate appraisers.

This service is only available to those insured under this program.  You can access this hotline by calling 1-866-891-0366.

Legal Hotline Information

6 July 2017

We recently celebrated CNAREA’s 25th Anniversary at the 2017 Annual Convention which was held at the Beach Club Resort in Parksville, B.C. May 31 to June 3. Members that attended this year experienced new activities such as Glass Blowing at the world famous Robert Held Glass Studio as well as some of the old favorites.

On Wednesday night at the 25th Anniversary President’s Banquet and Awards Presentation Stefan Epstein was presented with the 2017 Member of the Year Award and Heath Bauer was presented with the James Vincent Latteri Memorial Candidate of the Year Award. Congratulations to Stefan and Heath for well-deserved recognition.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their ongoing support of CNAREA as well as our Annual Convention, we would not be able to put on such an amazing event without their support. This year our sponsors were also generous enough to donate amazing prizes for daily draws. Thank You to the sponsors and congratulations to the prize winners:

Gift Certificate – Bill Donohoe
MPAC Credits – Jason Laari
CNAREA membership – Gerhart Klann

Vase by Robert Held Glass – Chris Grier

Pottery by Darrell Hancock – Angel Steel

Samsung Tablet – Jason Kell

Gift Certificate from Randy Hall
Photography – Stefan Epstein

Gift Certificate from Robert Held Glass – Natalie Wallace

Finally, we announced at the Beach BBQ on the Friday night that the 2018 Annual Convention will be held at the Georgian Bay Resort in Collingwood, Ontario https://georgianbayhotel.com/ Tuesday May 29th to Friday June 1st 2018, plans are already underway so stay tuned.

6 July 2017

As part of our continuing evolution, we pleased to be able to offer Non-Fee Appraiser Residential and Commercial Designations (DAR and DAC).  Effective Immediately, active DAR or DAC Designated members who are pursuing opportunities as Non-Fee Appraisers will be able to do so.  Working through our insurance partners at PROLINK, we are able to provide full insurance coverage to our Non-Fee Appraiser members at a greatly reduced annual rate.

Please contact Karen Miers at hq@cnarea.ca for details, and insurance quotes.

2 June 2017

In the past it has been the policy of CNAREA to have members write the DAR, DAC exams and rewrite exams or retake courses at no charge however we consistently have members registering for these and then not showing up at the scheduled time and place. This has led to the association having to incur the cost of booking a facility as well as other misc. costs. As such it was determined by the Board of Directors on June 2, 2017 to implement the following fees effective immediately:

DAR Exam $ 250 + taxes
DAC Exam $ 250 + taxes
Course & exam retakes – the regular cost of the course + taxes