2 June 2017

In the past it has been the policy of CNAREA to have members write the DAR, DAC exams and retake courses at no charge however we consistently have members registering for these and then not showing up at the scheduled time and place. This has led to the association having to incur the cost of booking a facility as well as other misc. costs. As such it was determined by the Board of Directors on June 2, 2017 to implement the following fees effective immediately:

DAR Exam $ 250 + taxes
DAC Exam $ 250 + taxes
Course retakes – the regular cost of the course + taxes

9 May 2017

Effective April 27th, 2017 Mr. Steven G. Coull has resigned his position as Director, on the Board of Directors of CNAREA.

We all want to thank Steve for his service to the Association over the years, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Rob MacDonald
DAR-Certified Appraisal Reviewer/IFA
CEO – Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers

2 May 2017

The 25th Anniversary 2017 Annual Convention is fast approaching and we are looking forward to celebrating this incredible milestone. We have developed an itinerary that includes the events that you have enjoyed over the years as well as some new ones. The final schedule has now been posted so if you have already sent in your registration please take another look and see if there is anything else that interests you and let us know what else you would like to register for; if you have not registered as of yet make sure you do so quickly so you can take part in all the events.

20 March 2017


You are now able to fill out (type) all registration forms online then save and email them to HQ@cnarea.ca All registrations are now done using the registration forms only.