Discounted rate for the Residential Cost Approach Certification online class

CNAREA is proud to announce a new agreement with CoreLogic/Marshall & Swift that provides CNAREA members a discounted rate for the Residential Cost Approach Certification online class.  Effective immediately CNAREA members will be able to purchase the online class for the discounted price of $129 US.  The course is a 9 module, self-paced program that cover several topics including; Single and Multi-family Residences, Quality of Construction, Obtaining Base Costs, Lump Sum Adjustments, Interpolation, Depreciation, Segregated Costs, and the mechanics of Form 1007. 


Once registered for the course, students are able to login and out as often as they like, for the 30 day active period. Upon completion of the course, students will be required to successfully complete a final Residential Cost Approach Certification Test.  (Passing Grade is 80%).   For those members who require CNA202 – Residential Cost Approach, this course along with the 2-day in-class session comprises the entire Cost Approach Course.  For those members who have already completed the requirements for CNA202 (Old 6.7 course), this on-line offering from CoreLogic will earn 8 hours of continuing Education requirements.


As an added bonus, CoreLogic has agreed to offer a 10% discount off any New Purchase or Renewal Purchase of their Marshall and Swift Cost Manual products.  (Book or Software)


Please ‘purchase’ your access code on the CNAREA Education webpage.  Upon registering for the course, your Discount Code will be forwarded to you, to allow you to purchase the course from CoreLogic.  Please be sure to receive your Course Discount Code before you register for this online portion of the Residential Cost Approach Certification Course.