Memo To All Members Regarding July 2019 Bylaw Changes

To all Members:

As we continue to update the Associations By-Laws and Policies and Procedures we are advising you of changes to the CNAREA By-Laws. The changes affect Article 7 – Complaints against Members, Reprimand, Suspension, and Expulsion. At the 2019 AGM changes to Article 7 were voted upon by the membership. These latest changes improve the structure and wording of this procedure but do not deviate from what was presented and the original intent. They do however ensure that Article 7 is in line with norms and practices that exist with other organizations and associations.

These recent changes have been approved by the Board of Directors and as indicated in the CNAREA By-Laws will be presented to the membership at the next AGM for approval. In meantime they will take affect immediately. Should the membership vote against the changes at the next AGM then the previous wording for Article 7 will be reinstated.