Proposed Bylaw Change

Proposed By-Law Amendment:

Our current structure of the Board of Directors has the President as serving a 2-year term, and all other elected Members on 1-year terms. This presents two issues that could pose some problems. It can be somewhat difficult for a new member of the Board to be effective in their first year, and secondly depending on the year, there may be wholesale changes to the composition of the Board. Obviously, this would make it difficult to have a smooth transition to a new Board. To help solve this issue, and provide for continued smooth transitions in years ahead, we are proposing a change to the term of office for Directors to be 2-year terms, with 3 of the Directors’ terms ending in any single year. This year (2018), all Directors’ terms end, and we will be electing 6 Directors. The proposed By-Law change will allow for 3 Directors to be elected to 2-year terms, and 3 to 1-year terms. Then in 2019, the 3 positions having 1-year terms would be up for election again, and these 3 positions would then be 2-year terms as well. Therefore, every year we will have 3 Director positions up for election. This would enable a smoother transition for new Board members, and greater continuity from year to year. With this in mind, we are proposing a change to Section 3-3 of the By-Laws.
With respect to the election of a President, By-Law Section 3-5 remains unchanged.